Safety and Compliance

Transportation Safety & Compliance

Once on-boarded, EBE’s CSA Dashboard with Safety and Compliance workflows monitor the driver’s roadside inspection and violation activity, driver qualification files, training, DVIR compliance and even driver performance data such as mpg, idle time and hard braking.   

Providing alerts to out-of-standard behavior and automatically assigning corrective activities and tracking those activities through completion allows managers to spend more time with drivers and less time looking for "at-risk" behavior. And, all of this information is condensed into one single driver scorecard, eliminating the need for managers to retrieve information from multiple websites, databases or spreadsheets to get a 360o view of the driver. 

Transportation Compliance Solutions

Driver Management Safety and Compliance Solutions are designed to be modular so that carriers can implement those solutions that will provide the most benefit.


To learn more about EBE's Safety and Compliance solutions and how they have helped our customers, view our Customer Success Stories page.

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