Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Web-based Training Solution

The Learning Management System (LMS) allows carriers to create their own training program that includes both in-house and third-party content. Users are provided with a framework to embed internally developed training videos, PowerPoint presentations and randomized tests. Those carriers using content providers may also be integrated into the solution as part of the training program. The implementation of the LMS System has saved companies more than a day of work per week, allowing the staff to spend more time in the classrooms.

As part of EBE's portfolio of Driver LifeCycle Solutions, the LMS System complements the On-Demand Orientation, Safety & Compliance and Driver Performance applications. When used in conjunction with SHIPS Web-based On-Demand Orientation application, the LMS allows applicants to shorten their time in the classroom by reviewing content such as company policies, procedures and CSA information prior to arriving at orientation. Applied to SHIPS Driver Performance Solutions, data from mobile communication devices, dispatch systems, and the Compass Portal trigger the scheduling of specific training events that comply with a carrier's driver intervention processes. The LMS system can also be configured to generate tests and updates based on endorsement certifications and qualifications ensuring driver compliance.

Educate your Enterprise

With SHIPS LMS you no longer need to be bound by "standard" content and training programs. The flexibiilty and ease of management allows your organization to provide the best training to all employees, from drivers to mechanics to office personnel.  LMS can be used to create programs beyond driver training.  Develop courses for wellness training, HR training, safety and more with this single platform. 

Benefits of LMS

  • Optimize staff productivity-  staff can eliminate several hours per week previously spent on paperwork and scanning training folders
  • Mitigate risk and ensure DOT and Company compliance by delivering real-time, customizable content. All training activities are recorded for audit purposes. Users can combine multiple types of training tools including tests, quizzes, PowerPoint presentations, videos and third party training modules
  • Reduce costs- Shorten time in orientation classroom, supports mobile workforce and remote locations, less administrative work
  • Increase Driver Satisfaction- Whether it is configured as self paced or instructor led, training can be personalized based on driver success. Users can provide individualized training based on driver strengths and areas for improvement. Through comprehensive reporting and data analysis, provides greater insight to driver strengths/weaknesses for coaching purposes
  • Web-based solution offers flexibility to access training anytime from anywhere
  • Improve training programs based on data analysis of active content, modules, and classes
  • Attract new drivers by positioning your company as an industry leader and innovator

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