KnowledgeSHARE Lab Schedule

KnowledgeSHARE Lab Schedule

2017 KnowledgeSHARE Calendar

We invite you to join us as EBE launches a new format of interactive webinars.  
At these labs, you will learn how your company can remove the inefficiencies within its operational processes as well as calculate a potential ROI.

Attend a KnowledgeSHARE Lab and Learn!

  • Insight to Industry Best Practices
  • How to Create a Work by Exception Process Environment
  • Case Studies Showcasing Solution Benefits
  • Business Intelligence-Based Decision Making

All webinars will begin at 1:30 p.m. Central Time unless otherwise noted.
If you missed one of our webinars and would like to know more about EBE solutions, please contact us to request a recording or schedule a demo.

June 22nd

Developing a Mobile Strategy That Benefits Your Drivers, Customers, and Back Office

Join EBE's KnowledgeSHARE to learn how best practices in mobile strategies will improve your operational efficiencies, driver recruiting and retention, and profitability. 

Mobile capture is just one piece of a broader mobile strategy. To be effective, a properly implemented mobile strategy should:

  • Improve Driver Retention
  • Eliminate Costs Associated with Document Indexing
  • Leverage Data to Automate Billing and Settlement Workflow Decisions
  • Process Exceptions Rather Than Every Transaction
  • Connect With Industry Suppliers' Mobile Applications
  • Link Shippers to Critical Documents and Data in Near-Real-Time
  • Provide Applications to Improve Safety, Compliance, and Operational Efficiencies Across the Organization


Pre-Dispatch Workflow
Never miss a profitable order with complete visibility and monitoring of all non-EDI load tenders.

Driver Separation Applications
Gain more insight to driver views to develop improved retention strategies. Driver separation tools including exit interviews and surveys, termination contribution submissions, and managing employment verification requests.

Fleet Maintenance Solution
Maximize your asset investment while improving driver satisfaction with SHIPS Fleet Maintenance Solution.

Driver Recruiting/Applicant Tracking and Management
Fill your empty trucks by identifying, qualifying, and on-boarding the best drivers more quickly with SHIPS HR solutions. 

Driver Performance Management Solutions
Manage driver behavior through integration to mobile communication and other safety technologies.



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